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So have you ever heard “Oh FOOD blogging must not be that hard because you cook for your family so why not take photos of it” HAHAHAH no!

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So I decided to put together a little peek into a day of food blogging…

I actually don’t post the recipes that I’m “already” cooking dinner for my family. That would mean that I’m trying to do all of my photos, editing, set up, and staging while my family is sitting waiting for dinner. Plus by dinner time the lighting is horrible so I’m usually cooking “dinner” at 9am.

So while yes, we do usually eat the food as leftovers for dinner or sometimes lunch, it’s not as easy as taking photos of dinner time.

So here’s what goes into ONE recipe…

  • Get an idea and start researching recipes
  • Find a few recipes that sound good and start tinkering away at my own and writing down what I think would work best. That’s adding in my own ingredients to make it unique and techniques that I think would work best.
  • Realize the “amazing” idea I had was already done by one of the “big bloggers”, scrap idea and start again
  • Take a trip to the grocery store (with kids) to get ingredients.
  • Come home and try the recipe usually twice
  • Find something to distract kids
  • ..realize I forgot an ingredient or the recipe didn’t turn out to be great so scrap it
  • Go back to the store for more ingredients
  • Move everything around on my countertops to have photos clear of clutter
  • Get out camera and tripod, make sure it’s charged and check settings
  • Start making recipe
  • Make sure to write down every single step and ingredient clearly and make changes as I go
  • Stop between every step and move food to a well-lit area, photograph making sure to get horizontal and vertical shots and continue
  • Finish the recipe and begin to photograph the whole meal/recipe
  • I use natural light so this can only be done during a certain few hours each day…pray for no rain
  • Consider selling house and moving to a house with more natural light
  • Set up photography table with backdrops, reflectors, diffusers, tripod, and props
  • Photograph food at different angles, move food around, stage food.
  • Make sure photographs are well-lit, properly exposed, and I have at least one shot that is suitable for each social media outlet
  • Clean up photography area and wash the mountain of dishes from the recipe
  • Sit down and upload photos onto my computer
  • Go through each photo and weed them out and choose the best ones
  • Edit photos making sure to have a great feature photo, Instagram sized photo, long Pinterest pin, awkward twitter-size photo, and Facebook photo.
  • Realize I forgot to take a photo of one of the steps in the recipe and decide not to do a “step-by-step” post
  • Begin writing the actual copy for the post
  • Finish post and pray to the SEO gods that you “optimized” it properly
  • Hit “publish”
  • Post and promote on social media – share threads, engaging, commenting and trying to not sound desperate for food love
  • Submit photos to a few food sharing sites like “Foodgawker” and for some reason still think it’s exciting when they accept
  • Do it all over again the next time!


(Oh, and somewhere in there, feed my kids 3 meals, homeschool my daughter, and make a very feeble attempt to keep up with housework)

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